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Sheri's chopped and channeled 31 Ford.  Graphics Also by Sheri

   Many people have asked me questions like,  Why Sheri's Wheels? Or Why do I like trading and selling these little cars?      For the most part, I LOVE Hot Wheels.  Dealing with Hot Wheels  brings back memories of my youth and of the many people I've dealt with through the years.  To have a person walk by my table at a show and stop  because something caught their eye is great.  Watching that smile on   their face as they reminisce, if only for a minute, of their childhood, as they hold that Hot Wheel in their hand, to a time of fun and laughter.  Wow, now that's a wonderful feeling.   Shiny Spectraflame Cars and Snake and Mongoose bring back alot  of memories for me.      Watching my children and their friends play, race and  trade the way we did (I mean still do LOL!) brings back memories also.  Getting out the Sizzlers and watching them play TOGETHER,  because  they are soooo happy that Mom set up the track.  My 2 little ones  love to trade among themselves and others.  Friends and customers love making some kind of trade with my kids.  If you ask my friends,  they would say Lawrence is very tough to trade with.    Anyways, WHY NOT Sheri's Wheels???  This is A LOT of FUN! Hope you enjoy my website and be sure to stop back often!    Click on the pic of my Hot Rod to check out "the build"  

My lovely daughter, Angelica & I.

Sheri's Custom Hot Wheels

  Back in June of 1999 I went on a MAJOR mission. I had found a large  collection that someone wanted to sell.........now it's mine!! 7000  cars, 500 if them minty redlines.  Only had to bring them 1887 miles  homes (2 1/2 days, 45 construction zones, including the HAIL storm at Mt  Rushmore & the over turned lettuce truck in Iowa) And to make the  trip seem even longer I was the only driver. Had my grandmother &  neice along to keep me company, but every time I needed them to help  keep me awake, they were snoring already. We got home safely &  posted here u will find some of my  goodies!!    Click on this cool pic of my sedan to see the second half of the build


Custom Toys

I have built a custom car, or 2 ;) AND..... I like to PAINT STUFF :)

If You're Not In It For Love

Live at Casscadden Lounge in Metamora, Michigan


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